10 Summer Employee Rewards Ideas

Summer is here, along with an inevitable dip in focus and motivation. So, in order to encourage employees to stay on top of their game, here are 10 rewards ideas for the season.


With summer just around the corner–and employees already with one foot out the door for their upcoming vacations–it can prove difficult to remain sales-focused and keep quarterly numbers up. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Summer-specific rewards incentivize employees to stay on track and give them that extra motivation boost to reach their targets during the warmer months.

For some inspiration, here are 10 fun ideas for summer rewards.

  1. Power bank

Everyone knows the feeling of being out somewhere and suddenly your phone battery dies. Power banks are the perfect gift for keeping your phone charged on-the-go, which is particularly useful for those summer months when you’re out hiking, or chillin’ poolside.

  1. Portable speaker

A portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for blasting your favorite jams at that summer BBQ or on a beach day with your friends.

  1. Spotify Premium subscription

What good would a speaker be without music? Your employees will be even more appreciative when they can play all their favorite music–without any of the ads!

  1. Sunglasses

You can never go wrong with a great new pair of sunglasses to get ready for the (hopefully) sunny days to come.

  1. Paid vacation day

Many employees take vacations during the summer months anyway, so they will be overjoyed when they can extend their trip with a paid vacation day. And giving them the extra day off will be well worth it when they return to work in good spirits and ready to hit and surpass their targets.

  1. Croquet set (or other yard games)

Yard games like Croquet or Bocce ball are a fun reward that employees can enjoy with their friends and family all summer long. Bonus idea: organize a yard games tournament with the office!

  1. Fitbit

A Fitbit watch is a great way to reach health and fitness goals, which is often top of mind this time of year. To further encourage health and wellness in the office, try out a step challenge, with a new Fitbit or Fitbit accessory as a prize.

  1. Grilling set

The grills are starting to come back out in preparation for warmer days, so a new grilling set is an ideal rewards option for any passionate “grill masters” in the office.

  1. Golf clubs

Reward your employees hard work with a new set of clubs.

  1. Bike maintenance

Support your employees eco-friendly commuting endeavors–or their weekend hobby–by providing a bike tune-up at the start of the summer season.