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Attract, retain and grow your customer base.


Consumer Loyalty

Attract, retain and grow your customer base. Drive purchase frequency, product adoption and engage your customers.

Our Loyalty Solutions provide you with everything you need to manage the end to end customer experience from acquisition to purchase, loyalty and beyond. We have decades of experience designing and delivering successful customer programs including:

  • Life cycle modelling,
  • Communication and engagement strategies,
  • Short term promotions,
  • Loyalty program design and implementation.

Where we help:

Our consumer loyalty projects have helped our clients:

  • Identify and engage product end-users -Utilizing targeted promotional and communication programs designed to acquire and engage their audience
  • Gather valuable customer data and insights -Both through our initial acquisition tactics and ongoing engagement we seek to constantly gain insights, by segment, to support the enhancement and evolution of programs
  • Acquire and retain customers -Utilizing different strategies and tactics to drive acquisition and retention of their customer base
  • Increase customer transaction frequency -Understanding customer data allows us to target the ideal segments with relevant offers to drive purchase frequency and value
  • Launch new products -Driving sales amongst a loyal base with strong immediate term results
  • Establish competitive differentiation -Differentiating a brand’s value proposition as a result of clear and relevant customer knowledge and behaviour
  • Improve profit margins -Lowering cost of acquisition and increasing purchase frequency amongst the customer base
  • Increase customer loyalty and “share of wallet” -Moving the “switchers” to Loyalists and maximizing the share of wallet opportunity with those customers

If you are planning on developing a Customer loyalty strategy, have one that you are trying to implement or have focused in this area for sometime and need some fresh thinking and evolution, get in contact.

We would be happy to understand where you are trying to go and give you an honest opinion as to where we may be able to help.