22 Business recognition ideas for channel partner & dealer programs

I was recently involved in enhancing the recognition components for a tier-based channel program, lot’s of great ideas -these always work well in channel programs (audience dependent!):

Level achievement:

  1. Achievement Welcome Kit:
    1. Achievement letter or call from Executive
    2. Limited edition company swag
    3. Level special accreditation badge for email signature or business cards
    4. Plaque or trophy for office
  2. Differentiated and curated rewards options
  3. Invitation to unique event (Dinner/ conference/ seminar) only for level achievers
  4. Team rewards – “nominate the support team that helped you achieve, and we will send them a reward”

Top level achievement:

  1. Invitation to join Advisory Board
  2. Invitation to provide input into sponsor’s product development, perhaps a niche product for their business!
  3. Joint-branding stationary
  4. Featured article in sponsor’s Newsletter
  5. Joint marketing/ advertising campaign
  6. Marketing/ business development support package
  7. Announcement in prestigious industry magazine and newspaper
  8. Executive round table access

10 other recognition ideas that always work well:

  1. Hold a recognition event at the channel partner’s location to celebrate top performers
  2. Invite your best partners to run through a warehouse packed with merchandise rewards
  3. Have the CEO sponsor visit the top partner location
  4. Make it easy/ provide support for partner to hold a customer appreciation event at their location
  5. Develop custom engaging and informative content that helps partners connect with customers
  6. Help winner accomplish something on their bucket list
  7. Get involved in partner community or with a cause they appreciate
  8. Invite your top partners to a meeting of the minds in a resort location
  9. Invite them to dinner to thank them and share your future plans
  10. Help them become better leaders by sharing industry insights and your company’s vision

Any unique or impactful ideas that work for you?