What we do

Core Loyalty is focused on the concept, design and management of sales, channel and consumer programs. We give you the power to engage, motivate and influence your audience to maximize performance in line with your objectives.

Over 30 years of global experience provides us with the insight and knowledge that often brings different perspectives and allows us to have confidence in the outcomes. We love immersing ourselves in our clients business to ensure a complete understanding of their needs; we exist for our clients and they trust us through every step of our relationship.

Do you need to increase revenue and profit, maximize channel performance, or engage and drive loyalty from your customer base? Where do you need support?

Why Core Loyalty?

Our name reflects our focus on getting to the core or center of what drives behavior and performance. The reality is that no incentive or loyalty initiative can ever claim to achieve optimum performance, however, concept and design integrity coupled with consistent review and refinement can and will deliver performance well beyond many existing programs.

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