Core Interactive

Our Interactive team, led by our creative guru, Rick Brown, can deliver a complete solution and manage the project from start to finish, so they are involved every step of the way. Services include:

Concept development -This is the reason we get up in the morning. We love working with our clients and agency partners to develop creative concepts based on clear objectives.

We brainstorm the concepts and then create mockups to show every facet of the campaign. We have created some very memorable campaigns that have stood the test of time which is a magical feeling.

Information architecture -It is critical to have a deep understanding of how people will interact with a website or application before jumping into the design phase. Going through the information architecture and wireframing process helps us think through every aspect of the experience to ensure that it is a fluid engagement that will make sense to the intended audience.

Content-managed websites -We are fluent in a number of open source and enterprise level content management systems and always work closely with our clients to determine the best system for their purposes. We strive to deliver a turn-key solution so that once a site is launched, we can train our clients to update the site themselves. In some cases, our clients prefer that we manage their sites for them. We’re happy to work either way – we want what’s best for you.

Fully-managed web properties -There are some situations where a client may look to us to develop a property for them which includes creating the content, building the site and managing it on a day-to-day basis. This kind of arrangement works well for social media campaigns with a lot of online activity. Once we have established the rules of engagement, we can maintain the brand character and run the program for you.

Banner ad campaigns -We strive to create banner ads that grab Consumers’ attention and engage them within the context of your campaign. As you will see in our portfolio, our ads have achieved incredible results. Online advertising is generally an underrated art. We love creating banner ad campaigns and look for every opportunity to do something incredible that will get your brand noticed and drive results.

Interactive + Educational -We helped develop the BlackBerry Learning Series as a way to use their products to deliver easy-to-understand tutorials for their users. In addition to the video series, we created many interactive flash-based modules to show people how to get the most out of their BlackBerry smartphones. We have a long history of developing educational sites and applications and can work with you to develop a program for your company.

Viral campaign development - Rick created “Virtual Bartender” for Beer.com, which is one of the most notorious viral campaigns of all time. The things you learn after going through something like that cannot be taught. They can be very powerful, but it takes a brave client to step into this arena. We’re ready if you are…

Social media integration -The social media landscape in a constantly changing environment. We created the very first Facebook Fan page for RIM back in 2007. Since that time, the nature of what those fan pages can do has changed dramatically. We work with our clients to extend our creative concepts into the world of social media so that we deliver a powerfully integrated program.

Online video production -We have a video production and editing team that create videos for our clients as part of our online creative execution. We have created powerful videos for many blue chip brands

Mobile application design -Mobile is the future of interactive. For designers and creative people, this has re-energized us and given us new challenges and it’s a very exciting world. We live and breathe mobile and are working on several mobile applications with our clients and agency partners. We also have a few ideas of our own that we are incubating because the possibilities are endless.

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